Velveteen Playboys are a band for the world. They are a multi-racial, multi-dimensional, transcontinental juggernaut of musical talent. The band is comprised of American, Caribbean and European musicians whose musical backgrounds are as diverse as their lineup. Their strength, however, lies in their live performances which are both high energy and fun. Their infectious combination of rock, pop and swing keeps audiences moving in their seats or dancing on their feet. They are a modern day presentation of a retro sound that is unique yet familiar. Velveteen Playboys are a musical tornado that is tour ready and ready to tear the roof off.

Paul Souza – Vocals
Paul Souza is a phenomenal vocalist – his pipes are a throwback to the classic Las Vegas showmen whose style and swagger recall the early years of performers such as Elvis Pressley and Tom Jones. The consummate crowd pleaser, Paul’s powerful pipes and magnetic personality perfectly compliment his “made for the movies” appearance. With a high energy approach to performing, Paul is a hurricane of exuberance and excitement. His hauntingly expressive sounds make him the perfect front man defined. Smooth and soulful, Paul Souza is “the total package” among today’s singers/performers in popular music.

Robert Douglas Gay – Sax
Sax man Robert Douglas Gay is a force of nature. His soaring sax solos take audiences on a death-defying tightrope walk of emotional urgency. His signature sound can leap from haunting to harrowing to healing in one powerful breath while his adept fingers tap out timeless tunes and tones that tell tales that are both personal and poignant. His virtuosity is punctuated by his powerful stage presence and his other wordly personality. Surrounded by spirits, he is a mysterious and mystical magician who can conjure up a tear, a smile or a sigh with a single breath.
Lenny Bradford-Bass
Bassist Lenny Bradford’s aura can be seen from outer space. He is the ONE, of the one-two punch, who presides over one of the best rhythm sections in popular music. Lenny is the heartbeat that provides the pulse of the Velveteen Playboys. A master blues man and international man of music, he has wielded his bass in the four corners and seven continents of the world. Lenny can disarm an audience with a wink and a smile as he winds his bass lines through a changing landscape of rock, pop and swing solidarity. His friendly and loveable stage personae make him a crowd favorite, and his mastery of the bass fills audiences with a dangerous delight. Never on time, but always in time, Lenny Bradford provides the quintessential rhythm that defines what the Velveteen Playboy’s music is all about.

Mike Null – Guitar
Guitarist Mike Null is the perfect counterpoint. A bluesman by trade, Mike’s intricate and tasteful licks weave effortlessly through the Velveteen Playboys musical landscape. This laid back Californian oozes with talent and taste and provides the essential seasoning that gives each song it’s own flavor, signature and space. Whether he is laying out a line, snapping out a rhythm or cranking out a solo, Mike is a craftsman with his instrument whose name should be mentioned along with the great, young guitarists of this generation. He gives the rock a roll and the walk a stroll with a deft dexterity of heart and soul. Mike Null is a shining guitar star in the Velveteen Playboy universe whose skills are ready to explode to the level of supernova.

Anthony Steele – Drums
Like his namesake, “the Man of Steel,” drummer Anthony Steele is virtually invincible. Short in stature but LONG in talent, he provides a dramatic flare to the Velveteen Playboys with his acrobatic drumming style. Anthony is recognized internationally for his percussive prowess. With a background ranging from Jazz to Gospel to Rock, he packs a powerful punch to back up his brash and brazen sense of showmanship. His solos are a work of indestructible art as he teeters, often times blindfolded, on the precarious perch of his throne while spinning his sticks and spinning audiences heads as well. Anthony Steele provides the beat that bares the backbone of the Velveteen Playboys.

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