In-Fusion Jazz is a quintet project founded in January 2016, which ventures into genres like Jazz, mixed with Funk, Traditional Cuban Music, Timba, Hip Hop, Reggae, Latin Genres, African Genres, among others. Composed by Leyssy O’Farrill Nicholas (band leader/piano)and musicians who play drums, bass, congas, saxophone and vocals. Leyssy O’Farrill & In-Fusion Jazz intends to channel their objectives into a deep development of a dynamic musical concept, able to arouse a unique interest in the current context which needs tenacity, drive, speed, new ways of saying, seeing, thinking, acting, making art, with our first goal being to express, transmit, donate, draw with notes in the soul of the people the precious contents of a cultural suitcase -musically speaking- that each artist in this newly born group preserved with love during years of study.

Leyssy O’Farrill Nicholas. Born in Havana, Cuba,18.2.1991. Graduated from Upper Intermediate level in piano at Amadeo Roldán Conservatory, at which she formed part of Women’s Jazz Band and the school’s Mixed Jazz Band. At this institution, she attended masterly lectures given by Maestro Orlando “CubaJazz”Sánchez Soto, Abel Calderón, Jorge Reyes, Alejandro Vargas; a workshop onpopular music taught by Emir Santa Cruz, among others. She also received classes from Maestro Lázaro Alemán (saxophonist) and Alexis Boch (pianist). At present, Leyssy O’Farrill Nicholas is a student at the Faculty of Arts: Audio-visual Media (FAMCA) of the Higher Institute of the Art (ISA), majoring in Sound, and she also ventures into other profiles such as Montage and Editing, Photography and Direction.

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